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French Soirée 2016

12 Jan

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Another successful evening to conclude a year of cultural activities in the learning of French with

Sunday 4th of December was a very special convivial evening with the participation of every one present, creating a unique microcosm of community spirit. This was and is only possible due to the many talented and dedicated groups of students.

It was a most joyous celebration of French culture through a vast array of items, including favourite French songs: La Mer de Charles Trenet, Je vole de Louane Emera, as well as the traditional: Mon beau sapin – all sung whole-heartedly during the course of the evening, uplifting soul and spirit. A confidently-recited fable of Jean de la Fontaine, – Le Corbeau et le Renard – as well as a delightfully executed piece of music of Debussy were very appreciated by all present bringing another dimension to the evening.

The diverting pace was kept buzzing with 3 skits in French, arranged, written and presented by the students themselves, showcasing their hidden talents as actors. The added props and convincing acting brought much laughter and entertainment to the audience. Of course we can’t have a French soirée without food and wine! Tables were beautifully laden with delectable food from savoury to sweet, to dazzle the eyes, titillate the palate and replenish the soul.

A memorable soirée indeed with the help and participation of everyone. Merci beaucoup.



French film screening

10 Feb

Date: 29/01/2013

La fille du puisatier / The well-digger’s daughter.


One of Daniel Auteuil’s best performance.

Mardi Gras

10 Feb

Vive les crepes !!



Mardi Gras – also known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, concludes the last day of eating fatty rich food before the start of the penitential period (fasting) in the Catholic Church. It is still customary in France to cook ‘Crepes’ on that particular day.

So our Tuesday class cooked and enjoyed deliciously melting-in-the-mouth crepes to celebrate, le mardi gras on Tuesday 12th of February.

French Soirée 11/12/2012

12 Jan

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Quelle belle soiree inoubliable! Students from the 3 groups and their spouses, attended a great evening of french culture on the 18th of December 2012, at Marie-Anne’s place to celebrate a great year of learning French, its language, customs,poetry, songs,movies and more..The guests were served a delicately prepared platter of Hors d’Oeuvres, followed by deliciously cooked home-made quiches, salmon mousse for Entree with a salad. Plats de resistance consisted of: Boeuf Bourguignon,Chicken Marengo served with spinach rice and ratatouille. All very tantalising to the eyes and the palate! Of course last but not least, were the mouth-watering desserts such as: Creme Caramel, Fruit tarts,Chocolate cake and ice cream. Needless to say that Champagne and wine were also great companions of the evening.

Once this sumptious meal was over, the guest-spouses were treated to live entertainment in french, performed by our students. One of the most uplifting song from the french movie: Les Choristes – “Vois sur ton Chemin” was sung in french by all students, followed by a recital of Jean de La Fontaine fable: Le Corbeau et le Renard performed by Val. Cecil gave a passionate recital of one of Piaf’s songs: Les Amants d’un Jour, followed by a short skit of Jacques Prevert: L’Accent Grave by Ginny and Aileen. This gloriously french evening concluded with another befitting song: Mon Beau Sapin with live accompaniment. On the piano: Jenny and violin: Peter.
A wonderful evening in a truly french style!