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French Lessons Perth 2022, now on line as well.

As traveling to France or any French speaking country is becoming a problem due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, French Lessons Perth offers you the unique opportunity to experience a little bit of France in a safe and fun environment with Marie-Anne.

Term 4 dates for French lessons are now available:
Why do we need to learn a new language as an adult? Why not the romantic French language? Why not continue your learning for 2022 with French Lessons Perth.

Learning French language has numerous positive benefits, and “ frenchlessonsperth”:can help  you achieve these with a native French speaker:
* Meeting other like-minded adults.
* Social Interaction.
* Learning about a new country, its culture, customs and places.
* Expanding one’s horizon of the world.
* Experimenting with delectable new dishes.
* Having fun as a group doing various cultural activities.
* Most importantly, keeping our brain cells alive and our mind active and healthy.

This is a great opportunity for you to join the French classes with Frenchlessonsperth, now on line.

Marie-Anne, a native French speaker,  is an experienced qualified teacher with Bachelor Degrees, with over 25 years of teaching French and other subjects – overseas and in Australia.   After an extensive teaching career in a private High School in a Perth Metropolitan area, she opted for adult education in a Metropolitan Adult Learning Centre, teaching French at different levels and French cooking for 6 years.

Since 2012, Marie-Anne started her own French teaching classes. Her teaching methods embrace an eclectic approach where students are exposed to the French language and culture through printed texts – grammar, song lyrics, poetry, magazines, newspapers; visual medium – French news, movies, video clips; interactive medium – singing, conversations – free-flowing and directed, discussions on prepared topics etc..

All teaching takes place in a friendly, flexible, nurturing and fun environment where students’ needs are met at different levels.

Frenchlessonsperth offers the following classes at different levels for Term 4 in 2022:

Classes for 2022 for all levels:

Term 4: Monday 10th of October to Wednesday 30th of November giving us 8 weeks of classes.

Beginners’ Class: Monday 10th of October to Monday 28th of November 

The Beginners’ class is opened to anyone with a keen interest to learn the French Language and its culture for traveling purposes or just for the fun of delving in a new language. It is also appropriate for those who had prior learning many years ago and would like to rekindle their love of the language.

Level A2: Wednesday morning: Wednesday 12th of October to Wednesday 30th of November, from 10.am to 12pm

Level A2 is for those who have mastered the basic complexities of  grammar and language concepts and have completed at least 4 or more continuous years of learning. Students are confident to use past tenses in talking about past activities and are able to engage in some simple conversation. At this level, students become familiar with most irregular conjugating verbs and continue to develop further their language skills through listening and oral activities in French, while consolidating their pronunciation. This course is also appropriate for those who have a very good knowledge of the language, through prior studies and who would like to practice more their speaking skills.

Level B2: Tuesday morningTuesday 11th of October to Tuesday 29th of November, from: 10.00a.m to 12pm.

Level B2 course is geared towards students who have done 4- 6 yrs of French at High School level, at University level or other adult education centers with a sound knowledge of their present, future and past tenses. The course uses grammar as a tool to further conversation skills and to allow students to gain confidence in using more complex structured and unstructured language skills. Through a diverse range of activities, participants feel more confident to speak in small or large groups, to discuss on selected themes, to recite poems and so on. It is also a social forum for those who want to keep up learning the French language while keeping their mind alert and healthy.

Frenchlessonsperth offers private lessons,  face to face or on line via Zoom. There are still places available in all levels.

Term 4 for 2022  starts in week beginning Tuesday 11th of October and ending Wednesday 30th of November.

A minimum of 4 students is required to run a class. However exceptions do apply and fees will vary accordingly.

To register and find out about relevant material used:
Contact Marie-Anne on her email for more information: marieannefrancais@hotmail.com

Testimonies from Tuesday class:

Marie-Anne makes learning French easy, fun and exciting. She is always encouraging, and I feel very comfortable attempting to speak with her.  She excels at explaining grammar in a way that makes sense to native English speakers.  Her lessons are always engaging and tailored to what interests the student.  Working with such a committed and passionate teacher has motivated me to want to study in between the lessons.

While the classes are structured to enforce language skills, the nuances of culture and the history of French society are not neglected.  Classes are small which means that every student gets practice speaking the language with the teacher and one another.  The price is very affordable for the 10 week term. I doubt my French would be at its current level particularly my understanding of conjugation, tenses and grammar without these classes.  I have also made long-lasting friendships with fellow students. I can only rave about these classes!” Karin Godecke – South Perth. 

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