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French Soirée 11/12/2012

12 Jan

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Quelle belle soiree inoubliable! Students from the 3 groups and their spouses, attended a great evening of french culture on the 18th of December 2012, at Marie-Anne’s place to celebrate a great year of learning French, its language, customs,poetry, songs,movies and more..The guests were served a delicately prepared platter of Hors d’Oeuvres, followed by deliciously cooked home-made quiches, salmon mousse for Entree with a salad. Plats de resistance consisted of: Boeuf Bourguignon,Chicken Marengo served with spinach rice and ratatouille. All very tantalising to the eyes and the palate! Of course last but not least, were the mouth-watering desserts such as: Creme Caramel, Fruit tarts,Chocolate cake and ice cream. Needless to say that Champagne and wine were also great companions of the evening.

Once this sumptious meal was over, the guest-spouses were treated to live entertainment in french, performed by our students. One of the most uplifting song from the french movie: Les Choristes – “Vois sur ton Chemin” was sung in french by all students, followed by a recital of Jean de La Fontaine fable: Le Corbeau et le Renard performed by Val. Cecil gave a passionate recital of one of Piaf’s songs: Les Amants d’un Jour, followed by a short skit of Jacques Prevert: L’Accent Grave by Ginny and Aileen. This gloriously french evening concluded with another befitting song: Mon Beau Sapin with live accompaniment. On the piano: Jenny and violin: Peter.
A wonderful evening in a truly french style!